Textos de Setembro · September Texts

Seleção de artigos para este mês.
This month’s selected articles.

Cratera em Mato Grosso pode ser prova da maior extinção em massa no planeta – Deutsche Welle
Oil threat to DR Congo’s Virunga National Park – BBC News
Today’s Climate Change proves much faster than changes in past 65 million years – Scientific American
Nanotoxicologia: melhor prevenir que remediar – Ciência Hoje
Healthy living can turn our cells’ clock back – New Scientist
Malaria mosquitoes gain ground as search for new defenses intensifies – Scientific American
Child hunger takes heavy toll on Africa’s GDP – SciDev.Net
Cultivos no crecen para satisfacer demanda de alimentos – SciDev.Net
Pristine “Islands in the sky” are window on evolution – National Geographic
Políticas de agricultura familiar brasileiras são exemplo mundial – Deutsche Welle
Suturas inteligentes que detectam infecções – Technology Review
A pragmatic approach to the debate on whether natural gas is good for the climate – Technology Review
Cometa pode se chocar com Marte em 2014 – Scientific American Brasil
Biodiversity in Forest Fragments Proves Precarious – Science
Como a ciência explica o pessimismo? – BBC Brasil

Textos de Janeiro · January Texts

Seleção de artigos para este mês.
This month’s selected articles.

Educação: revolução pela inércia? – Ciência Hoje
Meaning on the brain: how your mind organizes reality – Scientific American
A Floresta Amazônica está secando – Scientific American Brasil
Kinder children are more popular – BBC News
Countries need better science to win trade disputes – SciDev.Net
Se requiere más ciencia para ganar disputas comerciales – SciDev.Net
A techno-sensory revolution is coming, according to IBM – Technology Review
Pacientes de países pobres sofrem por falta de acesso à morfina – BBC Brasil
Demands to punish corrupt doctors – Deutsche Welle
Oldest dinosaur found? – National Geographic
Terapia gênica sob demanda conforme tratamento consegue aprovação na Europa – Technology Review
Poachers make 2012 a deadly year for Africa’s rhinos and elephants – Scientific American
Médicos empregam teias de aranha na cirurgia reconstrutiva – Deutsche Welle
Coral reefs could be decimated by 2100 – Science
La era del control por gestos – Technology Review
The healing power of dogs – National Geographic
Disquiet and despair: the gender sub-texts of the “Arab spring” – Open Democracy
Leaked IPCC report reaffirms dangerous climate change – New Scientist

Textos de Dezembro · December Texts

Espero que gostem desta seleção!
I hope you like this selection!

Brasil fica em penúltimo lugar em ranking global de qualidade de educação – BBC Brasil
For women in climate sciences, a struggle to find a voice – Scientific American
Concern at outsourced clinical trials in developing world – BBC News
Agrotóxicos: dúvidas, evidências e desafios – Ciência Hoje
Showing decision-makers the value of science – SciDev.Net
Mostrar el valor de la ciencia a tomadores de decisión – SciDev.Net
Self-healing plastic ‘skin’ points way to new prosthetics – Science
O que vem depois do touch screen? – Technology Review
¿Qué viene después de la pantalla táctil? – Technology Review
Climate predictions: worst-case may be most accurate – National Geographic
Crise do etanol no Brasil – Scientific American Brasil
Growth of ethanol fuel stalls in Brazil – Scientific American
The geopolitics of drug trafficking in Afghanistan – Open Democracy
Toyota plugs away at the next-gen electric-car battery – Technology Review
Fome energética dos tigres asiáticos dificulta combate ao aquecimento – Deutsche Welle
Arctic permafrost is melting faster than predicted – New Scientist

Textos de Novembro · November Texts

Boa leitura!
Good reading!

Singing sand dunes explained – National Geographic
A redução da desigualdade e os projetos em disputa – Jornal do Brasil
Coal-eating microbes might create vast amounts of natural gas – Technology Review
Unos microbios que se alimentan de carbón podrían crear enormes cantidades de gas natural – Technology Review
Atividade física na terceira idade pode prevenir encolhimento do cérebro – BBC Brasil
Science and human rights: a valuable perspective – SciDev.Net
Ciencia y derechos humanos: una valiosa perspectiva – SciDev.Net
Desligando tumores – Technology Review
Europe’s oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria – BBC News
Ciência cognitiva na sala de aula – Scientific American Brasil
Oceans getting too hot to handle? – Science
A origem das indo-europeias – Ciência Hoje
Martian genome: Is there DNA on the Red Planet? – New Scientist
Cientistas protestam após condenações de sismólogos na Itália – Deutsche Welle
Partially completed ALMA Radio Telescope already generating discoveries – Scientific American
Is the end of cheap food just an agricultural problem? – Open Democracy

Textos de Julho · July Texts

Mais uma seleção de textos interessantes. Espero que vocês gostem.
Another selection of interesting texts. I hope you like them.

Dinosaur cold-blood theory in doubt – BBC News
O fascínio das ondas – Scientific American Brasil
Scientists criticise lack of urgency in Rio+20 accord – SciDev.Net
Científicos critican falta de urgencia en acuerdo Río+20 – SciDev.Net
Will Carbon Capture be ready on time? – Technology Review
Is acid rain a thing of the past? – Science
Wealth gap curbs Rio goals – Nature
Mars has “oceans” of water inside? – National Geographic
Microspheres could save patients whose lungs have stopped working – Technology Review
Microesferas poderiam salvar pacientes cujos pulmões pararam de funcionar – Technology Review
Engenheiros criam mãos robóticas com tato – BBC Brasil
Nanotecnologia em debate – Ciência Hoje
Trasplantes de órganos sin fármacos y sin compatibilidad de tejidos – Nature Iberoamérica
The road for another Europe – Open Democracy
Earth’s oldest impact crater found in Greenland – New Scientist
Moscou inaugura Ano da Alemanha na Rússia com grande exposição – Deutsche Welle
Planet seen evaporating due to huge stellar flare – National Geographic
Pollution, poverty and people of color: Living with industry – Scientific American

Textos de Março · March texts

Espero que gostem da seleção.
I hope you enjoy this selection.

Em foco: A fome no mundo – Deutsche Welle
Love explained: the science of romance – Scientific American
Ocean science for sustainable development: Facts and figures – SciDev.Net
Foundation Medicine: personalizing cancer drugs – Technology Review
Nestlé elimina ingredientes artificiais de todos os seus doces na Grã-Bretanha – BBC Brasil
US researchers build waste water generator – BBC News
Oceans acidifying at unprecedented speed – New Scientist
Manejar los océanos con conocimiento científico – SciDev.Net
Evolution and the illusion of randomness – The New Atlantis
Life on Earth began on land, not in sea? – National Geographic
Mentiras que dizemos para nós mesmos – Scientific American Brasil
Are Bosnian and Herzegovinian victims of wartime rape finally being given constructive attention? – Open Democracy
Genetically engineered bacteria could help fight Climate Change – Science
Segredos do homem do gelo – Ciência Hoje

Textos de Setembro · September texts

Mais ótimos textos para ler este mês.
More great texts to read this month.

Nanomáquinas – Ciência Hoje
Vitamin A pills ‘could save thousands of children’ – BBC News
The DSK case and women’s access to justice: the fallacy of the “perfect victim” – Open Democracy
“Tatuagem eletrônica” monitora sinais vitais de pacientes – BBC Brasil
Renaissance exhibition in Berlin explores nuance of human expression – Deutsche Welle
A fascinante evolução do olho – Scientific American Brasil
Social media: don’t shoot the messaging service – SciDev.Net
Redes sociales: no disparen al mensajero – SciDev.Net
Why the Arabic world turned away from Science – The New Atlantis
World’s oldest fossils found in ancient Australian beach – Science
Pesquisa mundial indica que após Fukushima cresceu oposição à energia nuclear – Deutsche Welle
Growing heart cells just for you – Technology Review
Brain cells protect themselves against stroke – New Scientist
É urgente mudar os padrões de consumo – Planeta Sustentável
Can China house its booming urban class in an environmentally responsible way? – Scientific American
Reino Unido libera 9.000 páginas de investigações sobre óvnis – Folha SP
Climate cycles drive civil war – Nature

Textos de maio · May texts

Estes são os textos selecionados para este mês. Boa leitura!
These are the selected texts for this month. Good reading!

A novela do Código Florestal – Planeta Sustentável
Biofuels targets are unethical – BBC News
Conservation and farming must learn to live together – New Scientist
Challenging the architecture of human relations – Open Democracy
Humanidade está perdendo batalha contra superbactérias – BBC Brasil
Melting Antarctic ice causing penguins to starve – Science
O futuro da medicina é personalizado – Ciência Hoje
Using heat to cool buildings – Technology Review
Legendary Saints were real, buried alive, study hints – National Geographic News
Uso criativo de células-tronco pode acelerar o desenvolvimento de drogas para enfermidades debilitantes – Scientific American Brasil
GM on the rise in Africa – SciDev.Net
Have fruits and vegetables become less nutritious? – Scientific American
Tejidos a energía solar iluminan aldeas remotas – SciDev.Net
“Governo brasileiro impõe Belo Monte com brutalidade assustadora”, diz documentarista – Deutsche Welle
Language may have helped early humans spread out of Africa – Science
While BP eyes return to the Gulf, safeguards debated – National Geographic News