Textos de Abril · April texts

Mais uma seleção de textos interessantes.
Another selection of interesting texts.

Planet is in critical state, warns science declaration – SciDev.Net
El estado del planeta es crítico, advierten científicos – SciDev.Net
Don’t elevate Kony – Open Democracy
Novas evidências indicam que a meditação fortalece o cérebro – BBC Brasil
Designing a smart-phone alphabet for the illiterate – Technology Review
Mandioca nutritiva premiada – Ciência Hoje
Groenlândia degela bem mais rápido do que se pensava – Deutsche Welle
“Lost” Great Wall of China Segment Found? – National Geographic
Why do zoo apes get heart disease? – BBC News
O fascínio da memória – Scientific American Brasil
Ancient human ancestor had feet like an ape – Nature
How do artists protect their work online? – Scientific American
Arctic sea ice may have passed crucial tipping point – New Scientist
Plants Gone Wild: Antarctica Edition – Science

Textos de Novembro · November Texts

Mais textos para uma boa leitura este mês.
More texts for a good reading this month.

The human cost of flexible labour – Open Democracy
Mais atenção aos migrantes climáticos – Ciência Hoje
Get ready for a new human species – Technology Review
Cientistas desenvolvem técnica que pode criar células-tronco personalizadas – BBC Brasil
Could legalising rhino horn trade stop poaching? – BBC News
Eradicating disease: an ambitious but energising goal – SciDev.Net
Erradicar enfermedades: meta ambiciosa pero estimulante – SciDev.Net
Astrophile: undead stars rise again as supernovae – New Scientist
Toxinas à nossa volta – Scientific American Brasil
The Challenge of Regulating Objectively – The New Atlantis
Nobel Alternativo chama a atenção para catástrofe ambiental na Nigéria – Deutsche Welle
Cannibalism confirmed among ancient Mexican group – National Geographic
The incredibly expanding snake heart – Science

Textos de maio · May texts

Estes são os textos selecionados para este mês. Boa leitura!
These are the selected texts for this month. Good reading!

A novela do Código Florestal – Planeta Sustentável
Biofuels targets are unethical – BBC News
Conservation and farming must learn to live together – New Scientist
Challenging the architecture of human relations – Open Democracy
Humanidade está perdendo batalha contra superbactérias – BBC Brasil
Melting Antarctic ice causing penguins to starve – Science
O futuro da medicina é personalizado – Ciência Hoje
Using heat to cool buildings – Technology Review
Legendary Saints were real, buried alive, study hints – National Geographic News
Uso criativo de células-tronco pode acelerar o desenvolvimento de drogas para enfermidades debilitantes – Scientific American Brasil
GM on the rise in Africa – SciDev.Net
Have fruits and vegetables become less nutritious? – Scientific American
Tejidos a energía solar iluminan aldeas remotas – SciDev.Net
“Governo brasileiro impõe Belo Monte com brutalidade assustadora”, diz documentarista – Deutsche Welle
Language may have helped early humans spread out of Africa – Science
While BP eyes return to the Gulf, safeguards debated – National Geographic News