Textos de Julho · July Texts

Mais uma seleção de textos interessantes. Espero que vocês gostem.
Another selection of interesting texts. I hope you like them.

Dinosaur cold-blood theory in doubt – BBC News
O fascínio das ondas – Scientific American Brasil
Scientists criticise lack of urgency in Rio+20 accord – SciDev.Net
Científicos critican falta de urgencia en acuerdo Río+20 – SciDev.Net
Will Carbon Capture be ready on time? – Technology Review
Is acid rain a thing of the past? – Science
Wealth gap curbs Rio goals – Nature
Mars has “oceans” of water inside? – National Geographic
Microspheres could save patients whose lungs have stopped working – Technology Review
Microesferas poderiam salvar pacientes cujos pulmões pararam de funcionar – Technology Review
Engenheiros criam mãos robóticas com tato – BBC Brasil
Nanotecnologia em debate – Ciência Hoje
Trasplantes de órganos sin fármacos y sin compatibilidad de tejidos – Nature Iberoamérica
The road for another Europe – Open Democracy
Earth’s oldest impact crater found in Greenland – New Scientist
Moscou inaugura Ano da Alemanha na Rússia com grande exposição – Deutsche Welle
Planet seen evaporating due to huge stellar flare – National Geographic
Pollution, poverty and people of color: Living with industry – Scientific American

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