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My Tests on Fuji Finepix 2650


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The camera has a macro setting for close-up shots. Focal range is 10 to 80cm. Optical zoom is not available at macro setting, only digital zoom.

The first set of pictures were meant to check the minimum image size that can be taken. The first image was shot at the shortest focal range - 10cm, measured roughly from the camera's back - resulting in a 6.4x4.8cm field. The second was taken slightly closer - aprox. 8cm - resulting in a 6.0x4.4cm image, but with a noticeable loss in sharpness, as it's beyond the focal range. Notice the barrel distortion. Both images were taken handhelding the camera and it was very difficult to obtain a sharp image at such a short distance.

10cm focal distance
without flash, auto mode
8cm focal distance
without flash, auto mode

Following the idea of Imaging Resource's tests, I shot a banknote and coins. This time I used a tripod, with a distance of aprox. 10cm. Sharpness was fairly good without zoom, losing some quality with zoom. Color rendition was not good, though - notice that the white paper on the background looks blue, and the banknote should have stronger yellows. Natural light was used.

no zoom, without flash
2.5x digital zoom, without flash

0.3M, 640x480 (124kb)

0.3M, 640x480 (134kb)
no zoom, without flash
2.5x digital zoom, without flash
no zoom, with flash

0.3M, 640x480 (127kb)

0.3M, 640x480 (138kb)

0.3M, 640x480 (123kb)

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Last updated on June 12, 2003

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