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My Tests on Fuji Finepix 2650

Quality Modes

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The camera has four quality modes, defined in total megapixels: 0.3M (640x480 pixels), 1.2M (1280x960), 2M (1600x1200), the latter with option of normal and fine quality.

0.3M, 640x480 (124kb)

1.2M, 1280x960 (322kb)

2M-N, 1600x1200, normal (387kb)

2M-F, 1600x1200, fine (643kb)

Below are some details I took from each of the above images, with no resizing. I can't notice any difference between the normal and fine modes of the 2M images. Probably the quality difference between these two modes is only noticeable in prints.

0.3M, 64x64
1.2M, 128x128
2M-N, 160x160
2M-F, 160x160

For comparison, I resized the smaller details to the same size (160x160). Of course this was unfair to the 0.3M image, but for the 1.2M image the result was not totally bad.


As a last quality test, I resized the 1.2M and 2M images to 640x480. I used a 4% compression rate to make the resized files about the same size of the 0.3M image.


640x480 (124kb)

640x480 (125kb)

640x480 (125kb)

640x480 (121kb)

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Last updated on January 11, 2003

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