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My Tests on Fuji Finepix 2650

White Balance

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The camera has six White Balance settings, besides the auto mode: outdoors in fine weather, in shade, under daylight fluorescent lamp, under warm white fluorescent lamp, under cool white fluorescent lamp and under incandescent light. I haven't tested all of them yet.

The first set of pictures was taken indoors. The scene was illuminated by a compact fluorescent lamp. I had no idea which setting was more adequate, so I shot in all fluorescent lamp modes. With the LCD monitor on, we can preview the effect of each white balance setting on the colors. None of them really reproduced the colors as well as the flash picture, anyway.

with flash, auto mode
without flash, auto mode

0.3M, 640x480 (124kb)

0.3M, 640x480 (121kb)
without flash, white balance set for
daylight fluorescent lamp

without flash, white balance set for
warm white fluorescent lamp

without flash, white balance set for
cool white fluorescent lamp

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Last updated on January 11, 2003

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