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Rio de Janeiro, February 16, 1997
Updated on March 6, 2004

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IRC - which stands for Internet Relay Chat - is now past. Nowadays people almost only talk about ICQ. Some years ago, IRC was a great way to have a conversation with people from all over the world, using the keyboard instead of speaking, besides serving to chat with friends that lived away.

I started IRCing in November 1995, first trying some Brazilian channels, like #brazil or #turma, then on #italy, where I made some friends. The first was Justrite, from South Africa, then Frontier, Taita, Rosebud_ and others. I was often on channels #blaze, #rod and #italy in EFnet, and later on #gillitts in Dalnet.

Nowadays I seldom visit channels, as I am generally on IRC just to chat individually with some friend - although most of them have totally disappeared. Sometimes I go to #f1 in IRCNet.

Follow my steps and get some more info on IRC. Maybe we can meet there! Look for Ade_ or Ade-. You may find a German, a Finnish, a Brit or a Malaysian, but if you are lucky, you will find ME!

IRC links

  mIRC - the IRC client almost everyone I know uses

  Servers - Dalnet
  Dragons -
  Jade -
  Mozilla -
  Powertech -
  Serverpronto -
  Random servers - -

  Servers - EFNet
  AIS - - -
  Cerf -
  Epix - -
  Earthlink -
  Primenet -

  Servers - IRCNet
  Funet -
  Stealth - -

  Servers - Undernet
  Arlington -
  London -

  Braziliam Servers
  Brasnet -
  Kanopus -, from BrasIRC

  Newsgroup alt.irc

  IRC Friends
  Alan__UK, Leicester, England
  Ambere, San Gwann, Malta
  ^Angel_Heart, Rome, Italy
  Caird, Ljubljana, Eslovênia
  Chrisf1, Malmoe, Sweden
  Cindel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  Danno1, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  Frontier, San Gwann, Malta
  Genosha, Bloemflontein, South Africa
  Giacky, Rome, Italy
  Grim88, Mayville, Wisconsin, USA
  Ib28, Athens, Georgia, USA
  KeithWVa, West Virginia, USA
  JollyRog, Husum, Germany
  Justrite, Gillitts, South Africa
  Molla, San Gwann, Malta
  Nix, Pretoria, South Africa
  Portax, New York, USA
  Rosebud_, Chico, California, USA
  Rubik, Vancouver, Canada
  Sarriss, Pretoria, South Africa
  Scally99, Liverpool, UK
  Starman, Germany
  Taita, Antwerp, Belgium
  Thiago, Goiânia, Brazil
  Zio2000, New York, USA